Empowering more driving, less paperwork

Reduce stress and the amount of additional, off-the-road work

Drivers have to deal with a lot more than just driving, including:

  • IRS & taxes
  • DMV registration
  • Tracking mileage for IFTA
  • Tracking expenses through bookkeeping
  • Corporate/business registration

At Power Freight, we help remove the headache of all of that for you. Spend less time with tedious paperwork and government forms, and more time with the ones you love, making money, and everything else that’s important to you.

Services that reduce your workload


Avoid hour after hour of paperwork, be prepared for tax season, and simplify dealing with the IRS.

Tax Preparation

By QBO Group

DMV Services

By United Registration

Corporate/Business Formation

By Team Admins

IFTA Mileage Tracking


Bank Account Opening

By Team Admins

Truck Inspection


Website Design & Hosting


Steps to save time & be compliant

1. Choose a membership plan

 With multiple options, find the right fit for you.

2. Give us a call

 This gets us started working for you.

3. Deal with less paperwork

 So you can enjoy life and work with less stress.

You drive,

we handle paperwork

We all have our specialties. You make it possible for us all to find food at grocery stores, fill up at gas stations, and receive the packages we love to find at our doorsteps. We make it possible for you to start and run your transportation business.

With years of starting and operating corporations, and helping others do the same, we’re helping drivers like you. We’ve helped person after person create businesses, register with DMV, fix and track their finances with bookkeeping, and more. We’re excited to empower you to drive more, and overall live better, with less paperwork.


 File your business paperwork


Open your business bank account


 Manage your financial books


 Prepare your taxes


Register your vehicles with DMV


Track mileage for IFTA


Inspect your truck